Sale! Cheap cheap!

H-spin pyro lite,
This one has 6 tiny scuffs. Totally smooth, no vibe. #860. I have the box.

Duncan Mayhem,
This one is totally mint. Thrown maybe 1 time. I won it in a raffle, but have no interest. NO vibe. Have box

Duncan Momentum, This one is also TOTALLY mint. Barley ever thrown. Same case as the mayhem.

08 888,
Blue with origional stacks. No box. Mirror polished rims. Comes with kk bearing. Normal hubstack vibe.

One drop project
Army green with mirror polished rims. Damage around, but it is hardly visible through the polish.


I will consider trades, however, i am not as interested in them.

Some pics would be nice

how much for the 08 888???

Please pm me with offers / questions.