Sad Question

Ok yes, i am like… advanced… but this is a lameish question… How often do you cange your strings?
I hear advanced players change it like twice a day… I use the same tring for like… a month because i like when it’s worn out… so give me your opinion!

I am pretty much a newbie who plays maybe 20-30 minutes per day. The string on my Lyn Fury lasted about 3 weeks. I changed it because I wanted a new string color, not really because it was breaking. I also have a Project which I don’t use as much and the string on that broke after a week or so, maybe a total of 1.5 hours of play. I think it really matters what kind of response system you’ve got. The Lyn is o-rings, the Project has Kentaro pads. I guess the Kentaros are more abrasive…

when a string is warn out is when it has no more springiness to it plus some other factors. take a string you have use for 2 or so days than take a fresh string. stretch em and see the difference. when it has absolutely no springiness left i usually change it. another way is to look at how frayed it is. if there are a lot of strands popping out like a woman’s hair brush than its time to change it. another way is to look at the color of the string. if it starts getting dull and dirty looking than I’d change it. those are the things that helped me out with string when i first started. now its like a 6th since to me. later.

keep it spinning

I change string every 3-7 days. Depends on how much I played with it.

I change string most often when I am trying to learn new tricks. Learning spirit bomb has made me go through a lot of strings…

i change mine a lot, pretty much once every hour or even shorter sometimes, you can just feel when you need to change it but if not roberts spring thing works