Hey guys!

Reaching out to the absolute collector-maniacs of the community!

Writing this hurts me kinda like a father that has to carry his child to the grave (being a BIT overdramatic, but just a bit) but I’m in serious money problems (my car is killing me and my salary sucks big time) and I see this as a last resort chance out.

Please note, that due to quite the emotional connection to these throws (hunting them down was a real pain in the *ss) I’m just testing waters if I could get some reasonable offers for this.

What I’m offering is plain and simple: All seven 7 Summits together in pristine condition, mint in box so to speak.

Some Pics:

Each of the 7 Summits would come with matching side effects and, as stated above, with original box.

I won’t let go of single Summits under any circumstances, these will ONLY be sold together. And this is why I’m reaching out to serious collectors which maybe never had the chance to get all seven - or just people who possess a burning passion for this CLYW x OneDrop collab.

Please note that, again, these will only go as a bundle of all seven and won’t be traded for anything, because I really need the money.

If you’ve got any questions just ask away. Feel free to offer here or via PM. Obviously serious offers only.

Thanks for reading!

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As my desperation is growing I’ve put some more thoughts into this.

I bought the 7 Summits all through YoYoExpert which costed 1.225$ in total for the yoyos alone. Include shipping and the matching side effects I bought for them and I end with well over 1.300$ spent.

I’d be considering offers of 900$ and up.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re interested I can take some pictures of the throws and the side effects coming with them.


It`s only my point of view, but the thing is - you have massive and expensive lot on sale, without any pictures attached to your post, and you have zero trade count… I think, you have to be VERY lucky to sell it soon. Try to put it on eBay or, yeah, try the worst thing for you - separate them.



Thanks for sharing your opinion, I really appreciate it.

I thought about the thing with the trade count too, the only thing I can say is that I have nothing but positive feedback in the german and the international facebook B/S/T’s as well as one or two very well known players who would without a doubt vouch for me.

To be completely honest I don’t even thought that someone would be interested from the beginning.

This and the other point is that I really cling onto these throws so a piece of me may even hope that I won’t ever sell them.

-> As I’ve mentioned in the first post but I have a picture of the throws with the matching side effects on my instagram page for now, but I’ll happily take more pictures if requested by anyone.

I’ll add the picture to the first post now though just to make this thing a little more credible.

another bump

The sale is “pending” - got at least 2 people interested - but the 7 Summits are most definately not going anywhere until after worlds.

Will add pictures of every single throw this evening after work.

Just to clarify: I could easily just put these up for sale on eBay and possibly make my life a lot easier but I’m afraid that someone with “too much” money and no real appreciation for these treasures could just buy them on a whim which would be a real waste.

That’s basically the reason why I’m reaching out here to the hopefully more proficient throwers of the community.

As always: thanks for reading! :smiley:


Finally had some time to take pictures. >:(

Added the link to the first post. :slight_smile:


Highest offer at this moment is 900$.

If no one is willing to go higher, these will be sold on august 15th.

Heck man…if your only getting $900 back on an investment of 1.225 I I’d hold out for at least more than $1000 for your awesome collection which can not be duplicated will someday be worth a lot more I think!
Alas only an opinion…

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Thank’s for sharing your opinion - it’s greatly appreciated.

As I’ve mentioned before it kinda hurts to let these go - but sadly I’m really dependant on the money I make out of this sale.

I’ll see what’s possible… The closer I can get to 1000$ the less I have to worry. But I don’t want to make this entirely depending on the money I get, I really want to sell these to “the right person”, someone who handles these throws with enough appreciation.


Dude how can you sell that collection… you will never be able to reclaimed it.

I was only able to get my hands on 1, of the seven…

For what is its worth, it is so cool to see the 7 all in one case! you should post this photo on the twins and Multiples thread.

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Haha thank you for the kind words!

Yeah, it was quite stressful to gather all seven, especially due to the time difference that comes with living in europe (germany).

For every release I had to be up at 3 or 4 a.m. to be ready for when the drop happened - and then as with all the limited releases you had to be SO fast to snag one haha!

I’ll make sure to post the pic in the multiples thread, but don’t lift this “achievement” too high as I’ve seen at least 2 other people owning all seven! ;D