7 Summits value for trade?

I’m looking at trading for a 7 Summits and wanted to know what they’re worth in decent shape (no marks). Also the sides were swapped with one of the same color so both sides have the One Drop and CLYW logos instead of one side having the Summit engraving. Thoughts? Thanks.

Not sure of value but it’s unclear to me what you want… Are you trading the yoyo you described or looking to trade for one like that?

7 summit’s go between $160-200


I’m considering trading to get the 7 Summits. The one I’m looking at is the one described, but I’m not sure how to value it since it looks like it’s been swapped with the same side of a different Summit in the same colorway.

Feel free to post some pictures of what you may be looking to get, a photo would help determine the value :slightly_smiling_face:



Any opinions? Owner says it plays smooth. I’d rather have the word Summit on one side of it to remind me what it is, but if this is the one I can get now, should I just do it?

ask for fingernail vibe vid if you’re picky on smoothness. Personally, if it’s the model I want and only the engraving is different, then I’d snag it

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