Ryosuke Iwasawa yoyo combo


I’m working on the Ryosuke Iwasawa yoyo combo. I’m stuck on the 1.5 mount type thing on step number 5 I think…

Take a look at the video below. My string doesn’t seem to hook on to my finger like it does his. :frowning:


Oh, I kinda figured it out. I’m doing it, but i do it very slow. I’ll see if I can learn the whole trick by tonight. :slight_smile:


What time is it in the video?
edit oh glad you got it


I appreciate your help. I’m still going to need it, so look at 2:00 - 2:15. In between there is when I get this tangle, lol.


Haha, every time I think I need help, I NAIL it. :slight_smile: