Rulings for Routines in Regionals and Nats. And help on what to do

I have never competed before, So I need to know what the time limit is for 1A routines in both South Central Regionals, and nationals. I need to start getting my routine down, so any help would be cool.
I am planning on doing Tutti Frutti by Little Richard for SCR, and The Scorpions Send me an Angel at Nats. I do plan on going past SCR, as I have faith in myself. I just wanted to hear any advice in general from people who have competed in the past, like how to calm yourself, and etc. I plan on going big, whether or not I place. So again, any advice would be great.

It really varies by contest, but generally the prelims are 1 minute. I think the finals go 3 but not sure. Your best source of information will be the contest web site when it’s available.

K, Thanks JHB8426. I figured that was the case.