Rubik's Cube


Does anyone else have one if so what is your record time?


48 seconds but that was in fourth grade lol…


dang mine was 1:45


My fastest ever was like 27 seconds. Haha. But I stopped cubing, and now my average is a minute. Haha.


My fastest was 1:24


Close to a minute if I’ve been practicing. I also have a 4x4x4 but I still need to learn how to solve it.


i haven’t practiced in a while just got one average is like 3 minutes :frowning:

My new best time for 3x3 is 1minute 20 seconds ;D, but average is 1 minute 45 seconds.


my best was 39 sec.
I solved 4x4 in 5 minutes

(Raphael) #9

Best was 46 sec, but I quit cubing pretty much


I just got a super small one that still works but it has weird colors.


Average is around 55 seconds. My personal best is 36 seconds, but I got really lucky.

(Mikey) #12

I have a 2x2, and that record was 12 seconds, and just two days ago I solved it with my feet.


Funny how everyone who yoyos seemed to be a cuber at one point, me included for about two weeks.



(Raphael) #15

there is a new world record!


^^^That’s freakin amazing!!!^^^^^


dang that was sweet


OMG, that was so fast.  I can’t even figure that thing out.  lol