Routine for High Grove!

Hi, this is my routine I am going to preform at the fair High Grove. The local Generalyo team members are all going to do a preformance at the High Grove Fair which you may have heard about. Anyways, I took a video of me doing my preformance in my living room (where my stereo is so it had to be done here). So sorry if the quality isn’t so great, I tried to get as much light in as possible but my front window kinda madet the string hard to see. And keep in mind I flimed this all in one shot with NO do overs so yes, it has errors, messups, and whatnot. I messed up on my last and final trick which bummed me out, cause it was my best trick and I jumped over the entire thing at the end. Anyways… heres the video. :slight_smile:

-James Reed