Rootbeer Puffin $100 shipped! Pekka Puffin $110 Shipped! Sakura SE $80 shipped!

I’m in need of some money at the moment, so I am putting most of my throws up for sale.


CLYW Pekka Colorway Puffin MIB and the box is signed by Pekka - $110 shipped -firm
(I got this throw directly from Pekka)

Rootbeer Puffin with the generic campfire box - $100 shipped - FIRM
(Has 1 or 2 small dings that does not affect play, very smooth!)

Sakura SE ILYYxOD Broken Heart colorway Mint with pouch -$80 shipped

E1NS ILYY looks perfectly mint to me, but I’ll put NM just incase - $80 shipped

Hugo Z Hor Pre-Duncan with C bearing - $55 shipped

OD Benchmark O green with purple SE’s MIB! - $65 shipped

Square Wheels Royale with a few light marks, - $80 shipped
(has a tiny bit of vibe which can be tuned out, but it could be the bearing, I’ll swap bearing and update post soon)

Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Buy my stuff!