Risking life and limb for a yoyo

There I was, just finished working around 12:30 am at 50 street subway station nyc , waiting for train . was throwing a fairly new yoyojam trigger with a terrapin x wing bearing . when I started to think what’s with all the vibe , it splits and goes in 3 different directions one half falls by my feet , and the bearing and other half roll off towards tracks . the bearing stops before going over . and a nice woman tries to stop the other half , but shes to late . I pick up the bearing and one half , then look over the edge till i can find it . I look to see if the train if coming . the woman is watching me and knows what I’m thinking and looks to see if the train is coming as well . I jump down grab it , jump up as fast as I can ! I think that was probable not only dangerous but illegal . Oh well happy I got my throw back !
this isn’t the first time this has happened to me I lost a metal ring off a dark magic 2 . but that time it was rush hour and far to dangerous . had to let that one go .

I lost several yoyos into a lake when I was a kid. around the world snaped the string and sent it flying. woops. lol

It was more dangerous to find your rim in rush hour than reaching onto a track while a train is coming ???

You are so stupid its unbelievable

Dude there was a terrapin bearing at risk here

Dude you dint need to risk your life for that Yoyo you can always buy another because that was a very dumb move.

oh , there was no train coming at the time I jumped . I’m sorry I didn’t specify that I didn’t see one after I looked , in my story .


The day in which we risk our lives for a yoyo, is a sad day for humanity.



Guys, he didn’t jump infront of a train.  There was no trains coming.  It is highly unprobable that his foot would get stuck in the tracks like in the movies.


They’ve been slowing down A LOT compared to the first video.

And I was well aware of the 3rd rail and went no ware near it !

I woulda done the same thing. Lol, what were you just gonna stand there and look at it sit there for 10 minutes before the train came? Don’t think so!





Now i know you are passionate. And anyone smart would have done the same for a terrapin bearing, uh duh…

You only die once!
You live everyday!

I’ve shrugged off losing game systems, expensive decks of cards (tarot’s not cheap, yo), and musical instruments (one ocarina, one 19 string harp). Why would I go after a $20 bearing?

In addition, by putting myself in danger for it, I’d be saying that I value $20 more than my life. So, no, that’s actually NOT what ‘anyone smart’ would do.

  1. Why in the heck were you using tarot cards, an ocarina, a 19 string harp, and game systems near a train track?

  2. There wasn’t a train coming, it’s not like he was trying to pull off the best train dodge since Stand By Me for a yoyo. Would you walk into the middle of a normally busy street when there are no cars around to pick up $20?

I wasn’t. The system was loaned to a con and lifted. The deck was lost in someone’s storage. The ocarina was set down on a table and vanished, and the harp was borrowed, then stolen from their house.

Either way, the point stands: putting yourself in danger for something that cheap is not a smart move. Things still happen when people are in situations like that. It’s good that nothing did, but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t risky.

Oh, I thought you were saying you lost all those things in the same way he almost lost his trigger.

And I agree, putting yourself in danger at all generally isn’t a smart move. But there was practically no danger in this situation if I’m understanding it right. Like I said, it would be the equivalence in danger of going into the middle of a normally busy street when there were no cars around to pick up 20 bucks.