Rise of the Aquarius - Studio42's Latest Unboxing Disasterpiece

OK, I can’t directly promote this video here since I purchased this at another yoyo retailer.

If you’d like to view it, please go here, to my YouTube channel, which is also accessible via my profile.

Look for Rise of the Aquarius. I’ve had these sitting in their box since Cyber Monday. I took a photo Thursday and did some editing. Friday, I shot the video. I spent Saturday editing it, and almost all of Sunday trying to get a clean render. With that, all items are now available to be played with.

My next unboxing video will be also from another retailer, but I won’t be able to make that until after the 7th of January at the earliest. It’s also a multi-brand unboxing so it’s going to go in a different direction. However, it has to arrive first!

If the mods remove this, let me know, I’ll understand. If you’re OK with me posting a direct link, let me know as well.

Thanks for watching. This one is long, 4:10. Most of it is credits. With this video, I was focused on video effects and animation techniques. This also featured a massive script re-write. It was going to have a lot more motion and action in it, but then that was going to be very difficult in the cramped conditions I have to work within(imagine a 2’X2’X2’ cube for the most part.


I love your videos. :slight_smile:

I like how it was more of a ritual than an unboxing. This is how I feel when I get a new yoyo :smiley:

You picked up on that!

I was going to use that music to start, but then after the unboxing, it was going to go into a “dance” think for Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In. But space and time wouldn’t allow, plus it would be a lot more complicated. So, I trashed the original script I wrote and started over.

The entire music selection is just over 8 minutes. There is another version of that song called “Hatian High Priest”. I debated back and forth which way to go. I preferred the more ethereal synth pad over the more intimate acoustic guitar intro. I’ll be uploading video from concerts I’ve done with them next month.

It was a big pain to get the chromakey done properly for the “rising from the earth” portion. I had to pre-render that, then pre-render the bows so Sony Vegas wouldn’t have a cow rendering the .mp4. There’s still a few glitches, but I’m satisfied with the end results.