Rgb valhalla mint in package

$140 obo hit me up. Need to sell


He ain’t lyin’. Buy these yoyos!

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@Hojo-YoYo its a black Higby Respawn.


Sent a message

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I replied brother

Contacted him, thanks


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heaterz only!!

Nebula Tsnumai Gone. Hate selling these beautiful yo-yos, thankfully I got doubles of some. Might post some more soon.

Peace love and throw G2.


Added one more. 3 for $150. Need it gone yesterdy.

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I’ll take it!

These are already gone.

Thanks everyone who replied and messaged. @Joe77 messaged me 30 seconds after posting.

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Up please.

This one is Beautiful! I only have one G2, its a brass SS and its pretty fn nice, a little hefty but i like it and it spins forever. It just feels nice in the hand as well, so comfortable. Im building my One Drop and Monkey collection right now but i believe G2 will be the next company i start stocking up on. I really love these smaller companies where the owners actually interact with the customers on a daily basis and are just excited about the stuff as we are.

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Make me an offer on this one homie. Valhalla is super powerful. Its my favorite tbh but im wanting to buy another g2 haha

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