Coming to a YYE near you!


why you drop da yoyo!?!?!

seriously though nice vid, love that style of 5a

Nice, and yeah, why did you drop the yoyo, I don’t get why people do that. :-\

cause when there aint nowhere to go from a mount, and you cant bind, you gotta yoloswag it up. also, the rex i used is sorta a beater for me so i dont really mind droppin it and it made for a good outro.

also i got it for free

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But we know you “messed up” lol, you gotta triangle in your yoyo. Not a good idea, dropping your yoyo on the ground and what’s more having to take the triangle out.

not dropping it takes away the yoloswag aspect of yoloswagging…

so yoloswag is more important than lack of vibe? Lol.

Keep up on that 5a man. Looking good.


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Thanks Jake. Shootin for 3rd at MER next year, lol no way I could ever beat you or Chase.

For people who don’t have swag, jk you guys have swag. :stuck_out_tongue:


thnx so much bbgrl