"Rewind" help please

I have been trying to do rewind for a while. I am able to do the trapeze part and then the next step (kind of like backwards trapeze) but am not able to figure how to land the next step. Does anybody know a trick to land this easily? All input is greatly appreciated.

Slow down the video and watch it more. You’ll want to download it and then use some video editing program. I think even Windows Media Player lets you adjust the speed.

Thank you. I will definitely try this.

The part you are stuck on is a double or nothing if I read this correct. Watch the tut for that trick, may help.

What do you mean by the “tut”?

short for tutorial

How do you download a video from yoyoexpert.com?

Since it is basically a youtube video, you can use the youtube downloader you currently have, or go download one online.

What is a YouTube downloader? (I’ve never actually tried downloading anything from YouTube before so I don’t know what I’m doing)

There are also firefox browser plugins that work. I use download helper. If you get a converter it’ll take most video, download it, and convert it to your format of choice.

Don’t forget to check other sources. Andre has made some excellent tutorials but others have as well. It’s possible there’s another rewind tutorial on the web that will be clearer to you.

Ok, I will look around now.