I recently read a lot of reviews and was wondering how you got companies to send you free yoyos to review. If you know, can you please tell me? ???

(PutridNebula) #2

Get to know the company’s affiliates I imagine, though, unless I am mistaken you do not get to keep the yoyo’s in most cases, you just play with it for a week or two and send it back. The reviews are a crucial part of marketing. The best thing I would suggest is to PM DrYoYo and pick his brain about it, I know he reviews MANY yoyos. Hope I could help.


They are probably looking for a reputable review with a great vocabulary, or even some famous yoyoer or contest winner…

There isn’t some application you send in to get a free yoyo each month.

But I can dream…

(Hardcore_Max) #4

Alot of people write a review on the yoyo they just brought and if there isnt a review for a yoyo, thats what I have done lately,


Yeah, they ususally let the community do it for them, it’s free.