Positives and negatives of reviewing yoyos


  • Companies give you free yoyos to review once they notice you (hehehe sometimes not always)

  • You get great quality yoyos most of the time.

  • People watch and like your reviews.


  • You get criticism from people on certain products.

  • A bad yoyo to you may be a good yoyo to another person.

  • You may feel forced to upload.


Do you get things to review? I’ve read reviews where the reviewer said they were given the yoyo in exchange for an honest review…

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Personally, I haven’t started video reviews. Other reviewers have gotten yoyos free so they can review. Usually, they get to keep the yoyo they reviewed.

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I like to watch yoyo reviews but a good amount of them are by REALLY good players who can rock something from Dollar Tree which makes the Dollar Tree yoyo seem pretty good. Or they review a $5 yoyo and do all the same tricks they do in the review of an $85 yoyo which makes me think: why bother with the $85 yoyo? I know “it’s not the yo, it’s the throw” but…


That kinda reminds me of how LorenzyoCubing didn’t like the Dang2 but, Nate form Let’s Talk Yoyo loved the Dang2.

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Yoyos are like pizza joints. One person may love their slices, others will hate them.

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I used to post a few yoyo reviews here.

I stopped doing them when I realised something; unless a yoyo is really truly outstanding in many ways, either in how excellent or how terrible it is, then there really isn’t a whole lot to tell in a yoyo review.

Just about every video review I’ve seen confirms this to me. They talk for at least 8 minutes and repeat themselves constantly to address a few basic aspects about a yoyo:

  1. How comfortable it is in the hand
  2. How it feels to play
  3. How well it performs

I don’t find them all that useful.


It would be extremely rare to receive a yoyo for free by reviewing it. Only some top reviews would occasionally be rewarded in this way.

If this is something that might motivate you to do yoyo reviews, think again.

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I know a couple of prominent reviewers who have frequently posted here that send them back after the review. A few others I am aware of purchase what they review. Both approaches keep it on the up and up.


I’m so bummed by this. My plan was simply to offer great reviews for free yoyos and if not supplied a yoyo, a wrathful, bitter review. I think you ruined it for me. :thinking:


Your plan is still viable. :upside_down_face:

Think so? Nice! I’ll get right on it. If any yoyo manufacturers out there need an awesome review contact me for mailing info and we can get started ASAP! :+1:

I’m not in it to get free yoyos. I just wanna give out an opinion.


What? You do it for your reasons and I’ll do it for mine! :grin:


Just like navels, everyone has one. :roll_eyes:


My opinion may lead people to making a wise decision about a yoyo. In all seriousness, I don’t wanna force opinions on people.

True but are all navels created equal? I don’t think so. (My family is known for superior navels)


All but my brother, worst navel ever!

I will say that I’m more of a tips and tricks video person.

Innie or outie???