Reviewed: Condor MA15 Single Frag Grenade Pouch


I wanted a way to carry my yoyo but where it isn’t dangling around and bumping into things.

After much searching I came across this frag grenade pouch and I figured I would share my experience with all of you fine forumers.

Price: $10 USD on Amazon

Fits on belt, fits on messenger bag should strap
Has snaps so I don’t have to take my belt off
Fits yoyo, has little internal straps that could be used for extra strings maybe
Can actually stuff 2 yoyos in it
Reasonable protection.
It’s fun to tell people it’s a frag grenade pouch when they ask about it

Doesn’t fit 4a yoyo (no fiestas :frowning: )

Really big buckle
The outside is wider than I would like

Overall its better than the yoyo stuffed in pocket or fanny pack approach.