Review: "5-Star" 2nd Run by General-Yo

I have announcement to make regarding my current and future reviews. Brett (vguitars / ibanezcollector) Grimes has updated his site High Speed YoYo ( and has brought me on board. I hope that you all enjoy the revamped site and visit often. I will continue to post whenever I write up a new review, but I will be posting links to the site itself. While you are there please take some time to view the brand new video section on the site. Brett is hard at work rerecording all the old videos as well as adding new ones every day. I may be biased but I think they look amazing and are some of his best work yet. Well, enough about the new site, on to the review.

“5-Star” 2nd Run by General-Yo

Right off the bat General-Yo is setting the stage high with the 5-Star line of yo-yos. When one hears “5-Star” two things probably come to mind, 5-Star quality and 5-Star generals. Given the name of the company and the 5-Star name it is hard not to conjure up images of Omar Bradley or Dwight Eisenhower. Now the question is, will this yo-yo live up the legacy that the name is associating itself with? Is it the General of the Army or is it just a lowly Private? Click the link below to read more:


Cool. But the learn section itn’t too big. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be, trust me. Brett is working on rerecording all of his old videos. This is taking time. All taht I can say is please be patient, they are coming.

I know, good luck with everything.

Very good review!

Reviews should have pictures like those in them, creatve. :wink: