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So not selling anything here, more just showing off the process of how this came to be. So like everyone else, I’ve pretty much dreamed of having my own yoyo made. So freshman year in college, I decided I wouldn’t really have another chance to do so in the future. Having a part time job really helped me with the costs. Anyway, I’ve always admired the Freehand Zero as a yoyo. The look, shape, and feel, there’s nothing really that I didn’t like about it. I loved the idea of having a metal one, so I seeked out all the metal versions out there. From the Immortalis 2 to the Freehand Al, to the Freehand MG, none of these truly satisfied my desire. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
The MG held me off for a while, but Magnesium is a pretty fickle material, it’s much more of a luxury throw. Plus, as a gift from a friend, I found it difficult to take it out for daily use. So it spends more time in my case than anywhere else. After much internal turmoil, I decided to contact a friend about doing a CAD for the yoyo. I have very basic experience with CAD programs, and no access to the software either, so I decided to have Tyler Hsieh, designer of the Axis Yoyos and the Unparalleled Ignite, to do the CAD. After bribing him with a yoyo and a piece of the finished product, (as I am poor), we got down to business. I just told him what I wanted, and he did his best to fit those specifications. I wanted a yoyo that had the same exact specs and shape as the Freehand Zero, but made from 7075 Al. His first attempt was pretty far off, I felt it looked more like a No Jive than a Freehand Zero. At this point, I was telling myself that I just wanted to see what my ideal design would look like on paper. I never thought I would actually follow through with it, that is until I saw the finished design, I realized I needed to have it made. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
The next attempt was much closer. The angle to the wall of the yoyo and the catchzone was increased, and overall it was given a rounder look. The edges weren’t as rounded either. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
Still not what I envisioned, however. I felt the nub was too short, and I did not want to use thick spacers either. By using thinner spacers, it allows the axle to grab onto more threading. So in this next CAD, more changes were made. The spacers were made thinner, the nub was also stretched out to resemble that of a YYJ yoyo, and an under cut was added to cut off weight. I didn’t want this to be extremely heavy with caps, such as the Immortalis 2, so the weight without caps would be around 62 grams, and 67 with caps. This was pretty much what I imagined in my head the design would look like. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
I also asked for a 3D view to get an idea of what the finished product would look like. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
There was an issue in the CADs that was overlooked, however. The wall between the outer corner of the response groove and the cup was too thin, at about .85mm. This error was caught by Ernest Kaiser, and thank god he did! Last thing I wanted to happen was for the hub to pop out, like in the Grind Machine 2s. So that was boosted up to 1.12mm. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
After all the CAD designing was done, I hit up everyone’s favorite manufacturer, Fenghuida Precision Machine Co., a company everyone and their mother uses for their yoyos. (Not kidding, pretty much every new company has their throws made by them, and a few very prominent companies as well.) Having already bought the Elfinyos from them, I had complete trust in their quality. They also offered great prices as well, which was a huge plus. I had 20 made, anodized in black, blue, and red. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
I was pretty excited to see the finished product. But the anodizing adds an even more impressive look! by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
Each one was sold for $84 shipped. I honestly wanted to keep the price under $80, but the costs kept piling up and before I knew it, the price was $20 more than I wanted to sell it for. Despite that, however, they sold very quickly and each one is accounted for. I am very excited to receive them in the mail next weekend, and I will update with more pictures and details! And to anyone looking to have their own yoyo made, it is very possible, if you have the money that is! Also, huge props to Fenghuida Precision Machine Co. for being extraordinarily patient and pleasant to work with! Also had John Higby paint me a pair of matching caps! Sadly, it’d be too costly to add these with the order. But they sure do look great! by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
So they came in today! Sadly I’m away at college and am unable to test them, but I had my mom shoot me a few pics! They look great and I bet play just as well. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr


That is so cool! :slight_smile: So does the yoyo live up to the expectations you set for it? :slight_smile:

Won’t know till this weekend :slightly_smiling_face: The only expectation is that it’ll be fun to play with and feel somewhat similar to the FHZ.

Really looking forward to mine.

What a cool project!

Please tell me why you needed spacers, instead of machining the bearing seat into the halves?

To make it as close to a fhz as possible

Pretty much what WH0 said haha. It’s also because it’s a small bearing yoyo. Small bearing yoyos, when they strip, can’t be tapped to a larger size. I used spacers so if the yoy strips, I can at least use helicoils to repair it.

That is amazing… mad props.

Very nice. Great work.

I think the steps show that you are probably going to spend more time in the design phase than most people realize or anticipate.

No green?! ??? ??? ??? ??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yea, I kinda rushed it a little and as you saw had to go back and fixed some issues. Ernest Kaiser was a life saver here. Also a very important tip is that if you aren’t doing the CAD yourself, you need to communicate perfectly with your designer.

Naw, sorry haha, didn’t think the color would be a good fit.

Whoa! Watch that spike! That’s some classic Ben Hurr stuff!

Like the throw though!

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Came in today! Can’t wait to play them this weekend!

That looks awesome! Definitely let us know if it turned out well and is up to your expectations👍🏻

It looks great, I bought one. Guess what color. :slight_smile: