So I got a new throw friday YYC Spectrum

and its been unresponsive up until now
I’ve been practicing ninja vanish mostly

anyone have any idea what happened? :open_mouth:

Bearings need maintenance.

For real? Literally brand new bearing LOL
I haven’t actually got to maintaining bearings so I don’t have any lube ._.

i think you’ve gotta clean your bearing.
check here for the guide. —>,871.0.html

grab some thin lube at the shop here, or go out to wal mart and buy some sewing oil. a bottle of lubricant will last you multiple years if you use it sparingly.

Aww gotta wait for the lube to come in and I don’t have any spear bearings :[[[

Just go to any music store and ask for key/slide/valve oil. While you’re out, pick up some 91-99% isopropyl alcohol. Should come out well under $10 for both and will last a long time.

To clean with ISO, just pour enough to cover the bearing into a sealable container, pull any hairs and stuff out of the bearing then drop it in. Shake for a few minutes, let sit, shake for aa few, sit, shake… spin it dry on the end of a pen, one pinhead of lube placed on a ball and you’re good to go.

Cooking oil will also work, people say they may get rancid though I never had that problem.

i have not heard of using cooking oil as lube before. Seems weird…

I like to use some oil on my bearings but if you don’t have any, it wont hurt to play without it. You can lube the bearing when you get some or just run them dry. Just saying, clean it and play it.