Response pad - Skywalkers

Does anyone know of a current response pad that will fit a skywalker/tiwalker? I’ve used G2 Grips on occasion, but want something with slightly less depth. Flow grooves seem to work well, but don’t take up the entire width. I’ve siliconed in the past, but just wondering if a good pad option exists.


(There’s no online response pad database, is there?)

I don’t think any are all that great and I’ve just been continuing to use silicone.

That said, you should just get rid of them so that I can keep hoarding more. :slight_smile:

If no one has an answer I’ll break out the micrometer when I get home to get exact dimensions.

I’ve tried using snow tires in my D-bearing skywalker, the recess wasn’t deep enough and the snow tires stuck out so I just went back to silicone. I find binds irritating in the D-bearing variants and I think it’s because the divider between the bearing well and the response recess is too thick kind of like the small bearing 07 888’s.

After reading an old thread, it looks like hat pads and k-pads may work. I don’t have either–can anyone confirm this?

The TiWalker response area seems a little big for hat pads off memory, I’ll check it out later.