Earlier today I listed a NIB VsNYYC Skywalker (Smeargully) in the b/s/t for $120. It comes with a one drop 10 ball bearing and all damage and vibe on the throw is barely noticeable but I feel that I may be charging too much for the throw. My main intent is to trade it for another colorway and in all honesty I’m not too keen on selling it (let alone letting it go haha) so what do you guys think?

here are some pictures:

EDIT: I’ve decided to make it FT only, thanks for the help guys!

I think you should drop the price. it has some scuffs and most people hate that

Its not going to sell at that price with that colorway.

maybe $90

How is it New in Box and has damage?


Probably a bit expensive. Also keep in mind it usually takes longer than a day to sell or trade most yoyos so be patient and give it some time.

shit I though NIB meant non-mint my bad lol.

Hm I think I’ll just make it FT then.

Oh yeah definitely, I was just concerned my asking price was too high (which evidently, it is).