Removing acrylic

Does anyone know how to remove dry acrylic? and fix this

acetone. got to be fast and careful as it might eat the plastic too.

Never use acetone! I’ve had experience with acetone, even if you wash off the acetone immediately, the plastic will turn white and foggy. Believe it or not, Germ X hand sanitizer works very well in removing acrylic paint. Leave some of the Germ X in the irg for a few minutes and wash it out.

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Would mineral spirits work as well? Because that is all I have.

Probably, but be very careful. Apply the mineral spirits onto a cloth or paper towel and rub at the paint.

Whoa. Yoyo spirit replied like a second before me. This is the second time I tried to remove acrylic and I’m pretty cautios because I destroyed my protostar the first time I tried. I think I’ll use hand sanitizer or maybe rubbing alcohol.