RELEASED: Twisted Stringz - Gray Matter

Finally the long awaited Gray Matter has been officially released. There was a problem with the formula and it wasn’t quite up to par with other Twisted Stringz products so I felt the need to go back and revamp this. What I ended up was HOLY COW some really incredible feeling and playing string. Dont miss out on trying some. YYE now has for sale in their store OR if you prefer to get a custom color, visit us at

I just bought a half dozen bags of these strings and find them to be excellent !!!
They are a bit thicker and seriously stronger than most other strings I have been using, and thus far have lasted a very long time.

There are sooooo many great strings available on the market today, and Twisted has always been able to produce the exact string I seem to need. It must be their psychic ability to predict my needs. LOL
Another great string from Twisted Stringz.

I highly recommend them…

Great Job Jen.

hope to try these out on my next order! im extremely impressed with your company and look forward to future dealings! always nice to find good honest business minded people!