Regulus! First ever! stainless steel ring yoyo with Five-pointed Star Hubs!

Regulus means the ƒ¿ star in Leo constellations which is one of the most brightest stars.
This yo-yo was created by Jazz-yo with the cooperation of YO.cats. This is the first time they worked together on a project. YO.CATS is a new company that pursues perfection, trying best to create the most beautiful and perfect yo-yos. JAZZ-YO on the other hand is a collector of many high quality yo-yos and he also makes great yo-yos!

In order to achieve the effect we imagined, we overcome many problems in the manufacturing over a period of time. The idea of five pointed star is from Jazz-yo. Cool looking isn’t it? The process was hard, it needed a lot new machining techniques and the cost is high. Suddenly YO.CATS had an idea of adding the stainless steel ring; which made the production process even more difficult.

In the manufacturing process of The Regulus, we overcame a lot of technological problems. Because we are yo-yo players as well, we wanted everything to be perfect. Even the slightest vibrations were not allowed and any cosmetic flaws are absolutely not acceptable. We also got a lot of feedback from famous players and we believe the performance is perfect.

All in all, this is the only yo-yo to have a five-pointed star, topped with world class manufacturing and aesthetically beautiful. It’s safe to say that it’s a yo-yo where form meets function.
If you miss it, you will regret it.

Coming soon!

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wow, its just wow.
my heart rarely pounding so much while watching a video.
that yoyo look awesome. any idea on the price point?

and, is it takuto in the vid, the trick look like his. . . .

Probably the most intense CAD work I’ve ever seen.

Can’t wait for this one to drop

I want to learn how to do that :-\

Wow :o amazing

I think I am going to get one of these when they drop.

That is a cool design. I like how it bears some similarity to the HSpin HandQuake 1.4 with steel weight rings. It brings back the idea of the classic bi metal designs The star in the center is a nice touch.

Really cool. Any idea on the price?

exactlly i was wondering that 2.and is there any chance itl be realesed in europe or america???



that looks awesome!

I thought there was a yoyo with stainless rings already. Hmm. Well it’s very nice none the less. I want one too.

Ahh, i hope the OP updated this thread. . . .


Not to rain on everyone’s parade but…

What makes this YoYo better than all the others out there? Most if not all claim to be the next best thing with perfect balance, no vibe and a great finish. I can see that you have a weight ring and the star looks nice but why buy it other than to add to a collection?

This looks NICE.
Anything on price or specs?

I want, i can afford, i cant get :’( my parents dont want me spending more money on yoyos. I need to find a better job, or better parents? Jk just hope theyre still in stock when im allowd to get one. Thats the only bad thing about yoyos, they come and go too fast

Just out oc f curiosity, whqt software is that?? Sry for spelling in a hurry

It’s CAD, it’s used in design an engineering and from experience in construction management it pretty much a must have for architects as well

the shape reminds me of the H20
edit: actually no it doesnt. sorry