JazzYo - Regulus (micro review)

Before I even start I’ll say I’m sorry there are no pics, possibly in the future i may come and add some but at the moment I’m not able too.

-JazzYo Regulus Specs-
Dia - 52.00mm
Wid - 40.00mm
Gap - 4.7mm
Weight - 66 g
response - silicone oring
bearing - size c

How it plays… (My Regulus has a OD 10ball and flowable silicone installed)
No doubt the Regulus is a beautiful yoyo, I happen to love the stainless steel ring and star machined in the sides, does it play well too? The Regulus comes packaged in a amazing wooden box, possibly the best packaging I’ve ever had and a extra set of those o-rings :-\ On a throw this yoyo glides down the string and is very smooth. I did have a bit of trouble getting it super smooth. It required a little bit of fiddling to find the butter spot but once I did… The Regulus floats across the string and plays as fast or slow as you want it. Though I do find that it wants to push me to play a bit faster than I normally do. The rims hit your pointer and ring perfect, it’s a very comfortable throw in the hand, I do have smaller hands though.The stock response was no good. It came with big silicone O-rings that had to go, snaggy like crazy. Hit it with some flowable and it’s dead unresponsive with tight binds. It’s actually a fairly stable yoyo too. It can handle my longest combos and barks at me for more. For grinds, they are ok, the finish is kinda grabby but I do live in Louisiana so it’s super humid. No IGR to speak of really, but I don’t even fool with those ::slight_smile:

Pros - Smooth, fast, floaty, comfortable, all around plays great.
Cons - Huge gap (4.7), kinda grabby finish, stock response sucks (easy fix)

Not the best but I had to put one up. Sorry no pictures.

I’ve always wanted to try one, ill think about it

on a second hand: Although having a larger gap is bad may be your opinion, i think thats a fairly good gap size.