Jazz-yo RegulusII

Hi guys, I’m not sure whether this is my first post of review here( I forget the password for my last account…so I have to register a new one)
I’ve recommended several yoyos from Chinese manufacturers, though sometimes some of them are well-known because of the copy version of other famous yoyos( I really hate that…). Anyway there are a few brands keeps their original work which I appreciate, here is the one I like pretty much.
Manufacturer: Jazz-yo http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o717/doomcrafter/logo_small.png
Name of yoyo: RegulusII or Regulus2


Diameter: 53.65mm
Width: 41.50mm
Weight: 66.5g
Gap: 4.9mm
Bearing: Size C
Response: Silicon Pads
Price: I’m not sure about the price, you may check it on webstores, anyway
it won’t be expensive
pretty unique, it has an inner-concave structure on the rim, the main part of yoyo is arc-shaped.
Special accessory:
the metal yoyo case (perhaps made of aluminium alloy) which is able to contain 6 yoyos as you could see in the pics. Actually, this case is just the RegulusII’s formal package!

Pictures of RegulusII:

First Impression:
I’m quite interested in the inner-concave structure and wanna what kind of feeling it may bring with. Jazz-yo keeps providing initiative designs and I’m quite impressed by the previous version which is called Rugulus. Yichen Luo, who comes from China and won the 4th on WYYC 2008, has brought Rugulus to WYYC and AP several times. Regulus is very outstanding for its stainless steel ring embed in the outside part of rims, which gives the yoyo very strong sleep ability and stability. However, RugulusII does not possess the same features as Rugulus, it is totally new. The star decoration looks very brilliant, which also makes the yoyo special.

Comfortable level:
I want to talk about this first, because RegulusII offers a very comfortable touch on your hand. I personally prefer to yoyos with size under 55mm, if you have the same hobby with me, Regulus could be wonderful for you. When I hold it, my fingers can naturally wrap the arcs, the inner-concave parts won’t be bothered and the surface which is grit-blasted and anodized has a smooth feeling. The entire yoyo feels soft, I have no idea how to describe it appropriately, but it is different from those with strong and hard throw-feeling (like Stargazer, MVP).

RegulusII is extremely suitable for slack, string-rejected or complicated tricks. It’s amazingly smooth when you play those tricks requiring move the yoyo opposite to its spin direction, in the majority of cases this will cause the yoyo stuck and bounce back if you don’t wear gloves. Due to the wide gap and specific design on the A area ( response area), RegulusII won’t suffer from these sort of problems, which makes it perfect for player who don’t want to paly with gloves (like me :-)).
The inner-concave structure gives splendid on-string sleep time (I think the sleep time for you to play the tricks is what matters, the original sleep time won’t make any sense if you are not going to a sleep competition with it…). Sometime a yoyo with long-time feature is slightly heavy, but RegulusII does a good job, it feels not heavy at all, but so stable that it appears to sleep forever…). This may contribute to the inner-concave design since it can rearrange the weight distribution.

I’ve tired many styles of trick to test it, so I can give you my opinions here:
Slack: perfect (by the way, I’m a fan of Mikhail Tulabut, who is a slack master)
Thumb: perfect
Picture: perfect
Arm-trick: Not so nice, because RegulusII dose not have a broad width.
High-speed: If you are Mickey-like player and wish to get any trick done as fast
as possible, RegulusII may not catch up your expectation. It can be
played for fast-string tricks but can not provide the strong feeling
when it hits the string like Phenom or Dark Star
Hop: good, but the width is the limitation again
Rejection: perfect
Laceration: perfect

Here is a brief video for it, check it out please:

I like it pretty much, the price should be quite acceptable for most players( let alone the metal case! When is the last time you guys see a yoyo with case as package…Oxygen or C22, The Card…) in fact I think it is a little underestimated…I recommend it and if you like arc-shaped yoyo, smooth yoyo or hope to experience sorts for new design, RegulusII is just for you.

Looks sweet.

Any idea if and when these will be available for those of us outside China?

RegulusII is just released yersterdy,so it may take about weeks for abroad webstores to stock.

It probably doesn’t make any logical sense for the original yoyo to excite me for this one but it does.

Hopefully I’ll have enough money in about weeks :smiley:

The original Regulus is one my favorite yoyos I own.

I really like your style! You are quite good. Could you post a tutorial for the trick you did from 50-55 seconds into the video. It looked like a ninja vanish to something else. I really want to learn it. Great review!

I really liked the Reguluses I owned. I probably should pick one up again.

Never been a huge fan of undercuts, but the Reg2 looks nice.

Price will probably be like $120 - a little more expensive than the first one.

I wish all yoyos were packaged like that.

This yoyo comes with a case? If the yoyo is so great - why is the manufacturer bribing us with a case too? :-\

I had a Regulus and found many problems with it right out of the box. The solution offered by the manufacturer was to change the response and the bearing - at my expense - to make it a passable player. In all my years buying yo-yos the Regulus is the only one I have returned.

I hope this one is not just another pretty face.

AWSOME! Pretty sick, and the case is sick.

That’s too bad homie. i thought the same thing but, the regulus with a Kk or like bearing plus decent pads and you’ve got the best 52mm yoyo ever made, the weight ring really does make the regulus one of the longest spinning yoyos ever designed. Plus it’s just unique and amazing. I’d recommend you cop another regulus ASAP. It’s one of my favorite models ever, under the radar for sure.

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