Reference (REX test?)


Just a couple tricks with the square wheels REX.  Super fun yoyo.


YoYo: Square Wheels YoYo Company Rex
String: YoYoStringLab Ammo
Song: imChanel | uhm

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Thanks for watching.  Bonus points if you get why I named it “Reference”


Nice, as always! Fantastic colour treatment… is that just how the room was lit, was it done in-camera (color balance or built-in filter), or was it done during editing?

Some pretty slick transitions. Also some nice horizontal going on. :smiley:

“Reference”… no idea. I feel like it’s related to the Ampersand on your shirt, but I don’t know in what capacity. :smiley:


Thanks! The coloring was done during editing.

You’re right, the title is related to the ampersand on my shirt :wink:

(Owen) #4

REX is looking good on you :wink:

(YoYoStringLab) #5

Very nice! (And thanks for the shout out.)


Thanks, really like it. The Royale is still my favorite Square Wheels throw though.

Thanks, I really like Ammo, great stuff.


ugh, man, I have some catching up to do. amazing video as always!


Thanks! You’re coming along nicely yourself


ba bump tish


wow this is crazy.


I love your style! It reminds me of Grant Johnson. ;D


Thanks guys!