reel oil?

i have a magic t5 yoyo and was wondering if reel oil would help it spin longer or if it would be to thick and slow it down.

Usually more lubrication = more responsive

It could slow it down.

I would recommend cleaning the bearing first… then dip a stick pen in it to apply lube one teeny tiny bit at a time.

My formula is…
Clean bearing + barely enough lube to quiet the bearing down but still stay unresponsive = perfection

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I’m sure there are many different kinds of reel oil but I know many are intentionally designed to essentially coat the bearings in reels and stick to the bearings for a long time. The purpose of using reel oil is to ensure that your reel works smoothly and quietly, the speed at which the bearing spins and “resistance” aren’t really an issue. Yoyo bearings are the complete opposite, you don’t want a coat of sticky lubrication to stop your yoyo from spinning.

Long story short, although I don’t know exactly what reel oil you have in mind, I strongly suggest not using reel oil on an unresponsive yoyo.


Just looked up a few reel oils, the majority have PTFE (teflon) in them which seems like it’s about the last thing I’d want on my yoyo bearings.

Actually yomega brain lube is ptfe based. And I actually like the way it works (in small doses).
It’s just rebranded Super Lube 51010 Oil Super Lube, available at any hardware store.

Short answer is, No it will not make it spin longer.
Most real oils are a good oil though designed to operate in a good way for yoyos. However I bet by your question you won’t like what it does to the yoyo. I like lubed bearing and have started playing more and more responsive. Unresponsive just doesn’t do much for me.
I use a very thin trumpet valve oil in my bearing now, and clean them as needed. Not often like once every 5 years.

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^^ Sounds about right… some of my best performing bearings are 5+ years old and never been cleaned.