Red Triangle 360 Suicide

I’ve tried and tried and tried and I still cannot wrap my mind around how exactly this trick works
I’ve had people try to teach me
Tutor me
And I still can’t get it

I need a doctor

Any tips from anyone out there to land this silly trick

I can try and make a tutorial if you would like. I have my suicides down pretty solid, right now I’m working on a reverse 3D/360 RT Suicide.

Please do so
It would be very helpful

If Rosariyoyo doesn’t want you to, I do. That trick sounds awesome.

What exactly IS a 360 suicide?

Picture a regular suicide that’s also swinging forwards/backwards as well as left/right.

Kinda like a 3D eli hop?

I suppose so. Best example I can think of is one of Zammy’s tricks. If you search ‘Like a boss yoyo’ on youtube you should find Zammy’s tute and see what I’m talking about =)

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I see now.