RED HECTIC LIKE NEW Starting at 5$. CLAREVIEW CANVAS. Arctic Circle 28 stories


Hello, I have a few throws for trade or sale. Not desperate to let these go, I just want to see what other yo-yos are out there to explore, I don’t mind putting these yoyos back in the vault. I’m literally up for anything but my main wants are.

-Puffin 1 or 2
-WM 1 or 2

Main wants doesn’t mean I only want those yoyos, again i’m opened for anything. What I have is…

-MIB Nebula Chief w/ sticker ----145$ SHIPPED NEGOTIABLE SOLD

-LIKE NEW 28 Stories Arctic Circle 1 ----115$ Shipped

-LIKE NEW Red Hectic Small bearing----- Starting at 5$ OBO (bidding is on facebook on the B/S/T group.Comment on this post to bid!,I will update the best I can on who is the highest offer. Message me for a bid! Highest offer at the moment: 6$ SOLD

-Clareview Blizzard Canvas -------- 160$ SHIPPED OR TRADE FOR ANOTHER CANVAS


What colorways are those?


BUMP lower prices

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