Need to sell! HS ARCTIC CIRCLE, DM2

Thank you for looking! Lets start with…

Will consider a few trades: Jackrabbit chief, Ashberry AC, or Bassalope + $$
PayPal Only, gifted or you pay fees
Will ship with in 1 day of payment received

Hate to let these go, but I need to scale down my collection. If you have any questions on any of the yoyos or would like additional pictures PM me. I will be shipping from San Antonio, TX. All throws are vibe free and play fantastic.

Near Mint Hulksmash Arctic Circle 66.5g
Condition: 9/10

Super smooth. 1 Miniature smudge from carpet, some scratches near bearing… bearing had gotten stuck and got a little scratched in the process of removing. nothing major though


Blue/Gold Dark Magic 2
Condition: 9/10

Plays fantastic. Has one scuff on rim, not noticeable. This color sold out quick at YYE and had to pay to get this shipped from overseas. No rush, just like to see what I might be able to get


Just wanted to give a shout out/bump to my close friend dcscribbles who I completely vouch for.

P.S. I’ve seen that Cliff in person and its the most absolutely stunning Ash Berry I’ve ever seen.

Chief sold, list updated. Will be adding more throws soon.

bump, now accepting some trades