Red 2010 Wavelength Severe and Red Skyline for 150

Hey guys, today I have a Red Wavelength Severe that I want to sell. This thing is MINT, does not come with packaging. super smooth and an awesome player, just not really my style. Offer what you wish, I am open to yoyo offers, but unless it is really really awesome. I am open to cash offers plus throws. But 110 dollars through Paypal will get this thing. PM me a mobile number for pics, because I can’t get good quality pictures on my computer. Need this gone fast. Like, offer NOW, because after Saturday, no more chances

I also have a red Skyline with satined rims. It is otherwise mint, very very smooth, one of the best players I have, I am just in need of some money. I will let this go for around 100 dollars.

Buy both of these yoyos for 150.
Only trades will be for a SPYY Flying V or SPYY Ronin.

Hey dude. would you take 65$ and a yfactor for the peak or hatrick