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New choppy block items.

Top left is a joker d clown custom ano, one drop par avion. Mint with box SOLD

Top right is a nickel bassline by 3oh!3 yoyos (i believe i got this right) mint with box, 200$ shipped or obo SOLD

Bottom row

half swapped fluvia cream/green. Nmtbs 20$ shipped

Unparalleled coglite scales edition nmtbs has some scuffing near logos on rims still smooth and fun player. 60$ shipped traded

Ziplines ist bape swap mint with out box, 50$ shipped

Jake bullock slappa, one pin prick that can only be felt smooth and fun, 50$ shipped traded

new items as of 6/5

Unknown kappa, by throw spiral, mint thrown once or twice. Dead smooth. (Would like to trade this for ods on my list) 120$ shipped

Brc by r2fg mint, smooth, no box, 55$ shipped takes it

Slightly damaged exia by mk1 plays fine has minor vibe but still good player 55$ shipped

Plastic bundle

60$ shipped. All nmtbs. Mora cw by chunkeez comes with p000. Speedholic is v2 and also comes with cw. Fluvia is halfswapped cream green as above. P000 has box as well.

Mijo is mint and has box, axles, blank bearing etc. 65$ shipped


David yoyos dreamland

Ods in dragon slayer and manowar

One drop saturday markets of rebirth, fat tire, parlay, or kraken (can be splash, sm not necessary)

Or cool weekenders

Static unresponsive sudos

One drop side effects (energy domes, dietz, pegs, or antiyo)

One drop parlays

One drop cerakotes

Freshly dirty rooster

Dressel designs Assa$$in

Thanks yo, if any questions plz reach out.


Awesome dude, def don’t hesitate to buy from him

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One and two and three, bump

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Bump for @Basix he’s a great seller and trader, I have done multiple deals with him.


Bump me, prices are obo. I dont bite. Im tryna grab another yo, lol on yoyo day. Why dont you!

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