Have FS CLYW, 1drop, YYF, more.

All yoyos in this 1st picture are mint but played, as far as I can tell.

(1st row)C3 Halo
(2nd row)Duncan Mayhem YYJ Theory YYF 2.0
(3rd row)1 drop Nickel Benchmark “O” , YYF Equilateral, General Yo Hatrick
(4th row)1 drop YYE edition Cascade, CLYW Puffin, CLYW Arctic Circle

Yoyo’s in this picture have some damage.

(1st row)Werrd Hour , YYF Roll Model
(2nd row)1drop Dietz(a few small dings, smooth,),YYF superstar beater

Finally, some deal-sweetening plastics. I won’t sell/trade them individually.

YYJ Trigger, Chaser, C3 Alpha Crash. ($20, $15, $10)

i have stuff for trade for that nova
lmk what ican do

Bring up my post(and buy some shizzle).