Rcie stacks help... Ricerocket could use ur help

Ok yesterday i bought a bunch of dice and i wanted to make some ricestacks but i dont really know how :/… Basiclly i need instructions…I have everythign i need (drill,drill bits,dice,holding thingie)
what to do :frowning:

Lat me ask you a question. If yoyofactory is very good and making lots of money with a particular yoyo, and then i asked them how to make them. If they tell u their secret, then you copy them, how are they going to make money?

OMG u people take stuff waaaay to seriouslly!!! Im just a 12 year old kid and its not like im gonna go mass marketing!!!plus im in croatia and there is nooo such yoyoing comunity here im proabally the only yoer in the whole country…so even if i did sell them who would buy them???

You would still be one less costomer of his.

Try just drilling a hole most of the way through that is the size of a stack bearing