Tons of new dice stacks! New colors added 11/29/09. Also now on!


Each set of Ricestacks will now come with 2 hubstack o-rings at no additional charge! Looking for a translucent dice stacks? YoYoExpert is carrying them HERE

Each set of Ricestacks will now come with 2 hubstack o-rings at no additional charge!

Just need hubstack o-rings? 20, yes 20 hubstack o-rings for only $3!!

12mm Dice Stacks
$5 a set

Messing around with some new colors:

12mm Orange Velvet (2 sets available)

12mm White Opaque (1 set available)



12mm Orange Vortex (2 Sets Available). Second image of Yoga Flame Superstar with Orange Vortex Ricestacks courtesy of elums.

12mm Blue Vortex (2 sets available)

12mm Koplow Olympics Silver (1 set available)

12mm Black / Blue Gemini (more soon)

12mm Koplow ‘Olympics’ Gold (1 set available)

12mm Chessex Purple Lustrous (1 Set Available)


Whats a rice stack?


Dice stacks made to fit YoYoFactory hubstacked yoyos.


but u wrote rice stacks


Correct. That’s what I named them… Ricestacks. RICErocket mods + dICE STACKS = RICESTACKS. Just sort of a play on words, I suppose.


Haha 20 hubstack rings for $3? Not to provoke you but I wonder who needs 20. :stuck_out_tongue:


would the rings also work as a spacer for a DM, kinda like a shim?


Never tried the rings as YYJ spacers. My guess is that they’re probably too thick.


Got a couple of new colors done last night. No pics of the actual stacks yet, but here are pics of the dice (use your imagination?)
12mm Koplow Olympics Silver (2 sets available)
12mm Blue Vortex (2 sets available)

12mm Orange Vortex (2 sets available)

12mm Pink Borealis (sparkles!) (2 sets available)

I also have 2 sets of the huge stacks available. 25mm dice. 1 set of blue and 1 set of black ($6 per set on these)

(Mitch Ginder) #10

I want the o-rings, paypal?


Pics up of the new colors. The two sets of Orange Vortex sold quickly, but I plan on making more.

Also have a lot of 16mm dice. Two should do well as double dice if anyone is interested. Otherwise, I plan on cutting them up into stacks soon.

Temporarily out of extra O-Rings. Went through 1000 in about a month! Never would have guessed that!

6000 more should be here early next week.

All stacks shown here are already packaged up with o-rings, so if you order a set, you WILL get o-rings with them.

(Infinite Chaos) #13

You have any stacks that’d go well with a purple acid wash-kentaro edition, superstar? I’m getting one for Christmas so was thinking of spicing up the hubstacks. :smiley:


Blue Vortex would probably look good. I also have some 16mm Blue Lustrous that would probably look good

(Infinite Chaos) #15

I’m not feeling the gold though. Got any metallic purple with black spots or silver spots?


or possibly

Bricks of both are in transit to me.


Price drop on the Cosmo! A steal at only $35.

(Infinite Chaos) #19

Those are perfect!! Can you let me know when you get them in? oh and you just have the one cosmo right?


1 Cosmo, correct. It is the one Brett (ibanezcollector) did the review on.

HOPING to see these dice, and about 900 more tomorrow!


Translucent Ricestacks now available on YoYoExpert HERE

Also have some new stock available on the first post of this thread.


any perfect colour for a clear pgmv1?