Raw/Sanded Metal Drifter

Hey guys. I put a few pictures of my Metal Drifter up when i took the paint off of it. I was bored today and decided to sand it, polish up the nipple and silicone it. here are some pictures. I think it looks pretty cool. If anyone wants to make an offer on it, go ahead.

Nice! :o

I’ll give ya’ 1000000°0000000090099991009274780000000000000000000000(wow what a lot of money)0000000000000000009876543114567898433918492- dollars for it. :wink:

It’s ok, the satin is too rough, it could use some work.

Can you sweeten the deal a little please?

That’s because it’s Christmas and I couldn’t get to the store to get a fine sand paper yet. I’m going to get 500, 1000, and then the finest they have and shine it up really nice