Raw or anodizing?

Hi everyone, I need your opinion.
In my collection there are various raw yoyos, some of which are because they are prototypes or pre-productions.
For those in anticorodal the problem does not arise, while for those in ergal (which are, in large part, even the rarest and of collectors interest) the signs of aging caused by the oxidation from which this alloy suffers begin to be visible.
I attach some photos to make you understand better (p.s. the Phenom is only as an example as I know that because of its gold-plated rings, anodizing would create more problems than useful)
The question is precisely this, would you leave them raw, as their nature of prototypes wants, accepting the continuation of the signs of time on them or would you give precedence to aesthetics and conservation by anodizing and coloring them?
Look forward to hearing your opinions!

Yoyorecreation Third Impact (proto never produced in definitive series)

Bist Leggenda superlight (proto never produced in definitive series and only existing superlight)

YoyoFactory Turntable (pre-production)

YoyoJam Phenom

  • raw
  • anodizing

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If they are truly protos I tend to like to keep them raw, esp if they deviated from the production specs.

If they’re essentially just raw first runs that are the same as the general release then I would consider anodizing. However and I truly mean this humbly, it would also depend on the anodizer.


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…I voted raw for collection purposes


i voted raw, just from a purists or collectors standpoint. if it was something that held more nostalgic value, anodization may be a better choice.

great works are maintained, not altered, if i recall correctly… a’la mona lisa.


You said something very sensible, also considering that in Italy we are quite deficient in this aspect, especially for “complex” or “artistic” anodizing

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