Rate the text under the avatar above you.


Really? Another one of these type things?

7/10 cause I doubt its true.

Hehe, funny. 8/10



Don’t believe it, but still pretty funny!

10/10! Made me laugh so hard!

Are we eating based on text and picture, or just text? Because some of the captions relate to the picture.

9/10 Scary Lion!
anyway, i think we are eating based on the avatar and the text underneath.
And were you laughing 'cause of Mario or the Lord of the Rings?

6/10 :slight_smile:

8/10 Love both as well.



6.5/10… Scary

4/10 cool cat… but I’m sadly allergic.

7/10 i like yyf and magic, but not soccer.


Again, most likely not true

8/10 i liek catz

8/10… i like the words under it

9/10 life motto

7/10 those things are nice

7/10 yep