RARE throws fs/ft

okay what i have to sell/trade

Clyw Chesterman Beach peak, mint other than a hairline scuff that doesnt effect play at all

Hspin GOLD cut issue number one first one, mint w/o box

YoYoFactorys Spiril G5 with higby zstacks(smooth and has 2 small paint abrasions that you cant feel and barely see on side of yoyo

orange 09 888, mint with white ricestacks

so im looking for onedrop throws and MONEY thats it, pm with offers


pics of that peak?

please don’t say “mint other than…” that’s not mint, bud. Sorry. It would simply be near mint, with one scuff.

As for these, pics are necessary. Please do post them.

bump, pics on request

Three people are requesting pictures. Please post them.

pics would be amazing. that higby got my eye thanks

Screenshot or it didn’t happen. That means pics