RARE DV888, Loop 360, YoYoExpert Bag

I am selling these as I dropped yo-yoing as a hobby a couple years back and these have been sitting around. I have a DV888, red with silver splash (rare) that I’m selling, no vibe, but a slight scuff on the outer edge. Just cosmetic. Also comes with a Koncave Bearing installed, which plays very nicely. The Loop 360 is an Alex Garcia edition, and was barely used, still in perfect condition. The bag is an 8 yoyo YoYoExpert bag, which was also barely used.
I’d like to get about $55 for the DV888, $15 for the Loop 360, and 10 for the bag. Let me know if any of my prices are too high or low for what I’m selling, positive criticism is helpful. Thanks!