Random stuff trade. cards, games, whatever

Hey guys its me again and i just wanted to get rid of some of my[brother’s] stuff and some stuff from many, many, former hobbies, my interest in which were all crushed within a year by my dad .

  1. assorted, rare, yugioh cards from when i was 5-6 years old*
  2. legos (mostly bionicles), ranging from 2000 to 2009*
  3. Magic cards. a box of 'em. from about 2 years back*
  4. pokemon cards from when i was 6-8 years old*
  5. one nerf maverick. comes with extra darts
  6. random shakies (a dr. grip, super grip, etc.)
  7. old skateboards.
  8. soul eater vol. 1 english (if i can convince my dad to give it back)
  9. for those really stubborn people out there ahem ahem matthew reyes ahem, a couple of satined, painted sili-ed mosquitoes that i modded just to mod something.
    (can’t say these are good, though, i like them, if i do say so myself)

wants: OXI GELS!
alchemy CU or CU later or evil ICU
milk or milk 2%
loop 720s or sunset trajectories
a d-, c-, or a-sized non-stock bearing
cash= good
any offstring

  • when i put ages, remember i am still in middle school, so they are not that old.

please only post one thread. I deleted the other. Also you need pictures of the items for sale/trade.