Will trade small-bearing Hectic for trading cards *TRADED*


Thanks for looking!


i have all of yoyojam except bryan figora and i have all the bottom ones i think let me check ill edit when i check


I have 3 Ando’s and 3 Augie’s. Probably not enough though.


i think i got most off those but i dont give a hoot. bought this hahahajk


Please don’t use anything that would entice the thinking of swearing. It’s not hard to guess what those asterisks stand for. Please edit your post. Thanks.

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sir, I have Pm’ed you.

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dude micheal you dont even have 5 cards maybe 5 at most


im not trying to get the hectic or anything but i have a Hiroyuki Suzuki, a Yuuki Spencer and a Kahli Evans. Are these worth anything? because i know that suzuki and spencer are beast. if they are i will be willing to trade

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