FT: Yu-Gi-Oh/MTG/Pokemon/UFS/Baseball/Football/Basketball CARDS!!


EVERYTHING is for trade! All cards are in good to mint condition.
bA set of 50 cards[/b]. Contains Rares, Ultra Rares, and a X-Y Cannon Dragon (Holo fusion monster). Most cards are from first season, to mid GX.

sMagic: The Gathering[/b]
b450 Non-Lands, ~50 Lands[/b]. Contains cards from Alpha, to Ravinica. Holos are shown, rares are also sprinkled in the cards here and there.

b7 VERY rare cards[/b]. Includes a holo Blastoice, and a Holo Dragonite. All are from 98-2000. All cards are holo except for the Lapras and Lt. Surge’s Electrobuzz.

bSet of ~50[/b] from various packs. All Holos are shown, and are in good condition.

bStar Trek Cards: Master Series[/b]
b55 cards[/b] from the Paramount Star Trek Sky box Master Series. This is not the whole set. Most cards are in iffy condition.

bVarious Baseball/Basketball cards[/b]
65 Cards from various card companies, can be used as a deal sweetener.

Any Metal / Bi-Metal (YYJ) With PAD responce
A plastic is good too.

b:::DO NOT WANT:::[/b]
YYF Tactic
String Theory Singularity
bearings, strings

(Will only ship to US addresses)

(system) #20