Rally vibe??

Ok so I got my rally today, and it plays great. But everyone says that their rally is dead smooth. But mine has a pulse. It doesn’t bother me, I just want to know if it is normal.


Mine had vibe but it wasn’t bad

Ok same on mine. Just wanted to see if others had vibe too.

Like… A visible pulse?

Mines just about dead smooth…

Yeah. It’s very very slight.

I tuned mine to perfection.

Tune it. Mine had visible vibe when I got it. Did some tuning, now I can’t even feel it on a fingernail test.

I really don’t know how to tune a yoyo. How do I do it?

Like I have no idea how to tune a yoyo.

Experiment with unscrewing and tightening the yoyo.

I played 3 this weekend. They all had slight vibe. One of them, the vibe pulsed. But the max amplitude during the pulsing was about the same as the continuous amplitude of the others’ vibe, if that makes sense.

They were ridiculous players doing ridiculous things with it (cup grinds, even) and not one of them cared about the vibe. I wouldn’t sweat it.

It seemed like the choice of bearing will also make a big impact on the Rally. The stock one went kinda noisy and weird before too long. One of them upgraded with a 10-ball was just that much quieter, which imparted a sense of more smoothness (although in fact they had similar vibe). I think a truly smooth and quiet bearing would make the Rally seem (and/or actually perform) like a smoothness champ.

What I did to smooth out mine (And I don’t know if this is right or not) was unscrew it, and take a hex

key to the axel and by rotating the axel the metal insert would rotate. I rotated it just a tad. The first

time it made it vibier, but after a few more tries it became nearly dead smooth

Im new to this…is that how everyone else tunes theirs?

I have a green one and a clear one. I will have a red one soon. The ones I have(and my kid, who has a red one) they all have what I would consider normal plastic vibe. I don’t notice any pulse.

If you don’t mind, I’m having too much enjoyment with these to give a darn about the vibe. It is there, it doesn’t affect play. I’m happy!

Ok thanks guys. I got it very smooth. And studio is right. These things play way to well to care about vibe.

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