Raining at Cal States... of course

So at cal states which was an awesome contest don’t get me wrong, and i had a great day, however it rained for about three or four freestyles and of course mine was one of them and it was honestly heartbreaking cause of all the time i had put into practicing it hurt to know that I could have done sooo much better but i guess you never know so tell me what you guys think. The tech was the part mostly affected by the rain in my opinion but maybe you guys will see something i didn’t.

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Didn’t it rain for Jensen’s too…?

no it rained for like the first four players and then stopped for the rest of the contest

Dang that sucks. Oh well at least you’ll win Redondo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dylan, that was Amazing! Your Slacks Never disappoint me. You Definitely should have gotten a lot higher then 14th. I honestly think you should have gotten 3rd. :wink:

hey man thats very nice of you but you never know grant or patrick or eric gnu or yourself and james are all capable of giving me a run for my money

Agreed! You had great energy.
I didn’t realize it was raining that much, because I was under the walk ways most of the day.

That was sick Dylan. I was there to see it too. I think you did beast man. ;D

I doubt Pat or Grant’ll go, you can take Eric, and honestly (no offense to James) but your tricks are better than his. He places high because he lands everything smoothly and consistently, so if you get more consistent, you can place first. Er, I mean, second. I’ll take first. :wink: (My plan is to talk big and act arrogant then fail on my fs at Redondo. :P)

That was amazing, inspiration forever bro.

It rained at the START of the 1a finals and did not stop until about 5 minutes after Jensen finished. ALL the 1a finalists got hit with the rain.

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ya watcha know about the weather chris haha but seriously it was raining for like three or four freestyle then began to die down through out the other freestyles

perhaps you backed up under the wing… You can clearly see the rain on Gentry, Augie, Jensen, Paul, Ann, ect ect on the videos. That, and being there and apologizing to most of the guys for having to yoyo in the rain, I know that the hard core stone cold truth is that it rained the entire last 45 minutes of the contest. I know because I didn’t even see any of the finals live, I was trying to manage the rain as much as I could, covering computers, moving the sound table, making sure my camera bag was out of the rain, ect, ect.

Now, that being said, what you hit was high risk and what you missed was high risk. I thought your tech was sick and extremely flashy

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Considering how long I was holding a piece of paper over my camera (like Chris already said) the entire 1A division was rained on. Level playing field. Anyhow, You invented rain right?

what you know about inventing tricks chris?
and no duh i invented the rain

I think Dylan punched the rain cloud and made it cry.
Thanks alot Dylan


ya but then i tried to do the african rain dance in reverse and that didnt work so im sorry chris i thought you could change the weather

I still think your freestlye is awesome. They always are, who cares about rain, we know youre awesome either way.

Oh yeah…What time is that on sunday?

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn’t realize there was a post about the contest at the Competition section. :slight_smile:

and this changed the space time continuum mutating gentry so he can do a sick gyroscopic flop like freakin 360 jump