Rain City Skills Retro Rocket

The Retro Rocket has been a really fun project. Rain City is all about community and collaboration. When Daniel Kessler approached me with an idea for a throw, I was excited! The Retro Rocket is a change from the rest of the Rain City lineup. We took a break from the Lego hub and instead followed up a fingerspin hub design I first experimented with back in the King Yo Star days. This time we got it right. The Retro Rocket is a pocket throw that plays like a full size. Powerful and stable.

The retro rocket references the sleek curves of the rocket ships off the covers of old science fiction stories. 3 colourways based on our favourite Sci-Fi shows: Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate.

Of course you get the full Rain City unboxing experience!

Check it out here


I’m really liking my Retro Rocket in the DHD colorway, this is a Fun YoYo


I’m glad to hear it! That was the colour I was most excited about. Stargate is one of my all time favourite shows!


Oh man I barely noticed the engraving over the ano, nice touch.


Yeah, the yoyo was supposed to be light blue splash where the silver is, the engraving would have popped better. It still turned out pretty awesome!

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