Radical Seas Siren v2 underrated?!

Anyone else think the Siren v2 is a super underrated throw? Every time I pick this guy up, I’m always impressed with how well it plays and feels for a smaller sized organic.

Keen to hear people’s thoughts on how it plays in comparison to the Siren v1?
Or if anyone has any recommendations for organic throws that feel similar to the Siren v2?


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I have a Siren V2, you would also probably really like the OD Parlay and a Peak 2 as well

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Thanks! I have both of those too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like the Siren v2 is a stronger performer than the Parlay (reminds me more of the Sudo with how it plays) … but the Parlay is such a fun / chill throw. One of my faves also. I also really like the Peak 2.

Those are some sweet colorways! :star_struck:

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Siren v1 has a similar vibe. :stuck_out_tongue: /guess you mentioned v1 in your post
I’d also super compare them to intro/nitro


Ahh cool…do you know the specs on the Siren v1 by chance?
Intro & Nitro are definitely awesome as well. :heart_eyes:

Don’t have the specs/differences on hand. Pretty sure they were claimed to have the same specs on release. @Jamie_Larkins may have more specific details and a better write-up.
Feel like the v2 is speedier/lighter, the catch zone feels more wide erroneous. Think they just took all the uneccessary center weight and moved it, very subtle changes to the shape but erroneous mostly the cup is different.

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Thanks for the info. Worth having both in the collection? Or do you think they refined the v2 to make it a better throw? What’s your preferred from the two?

They’re definitely different yoyos, I don’t regret having both. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite.
The v1 has a better in the hand feel, that gentle slope down to the center of the cup just feels so good.
v2 is for performance and speedy fun; v1 is for zoned out vibing. Not to say you can’t do that with either vice versa, just the feeling I get between them.

Now that I’m feeling them side by side though, it does appear the v2 is just the slightest hair wider, I don’t have calipers to confirm.

You also can’t beat this super awesome engraving in the response of v1


Thanks man! Appreciate the info. I think I’m going to have to track down a v1 now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ah ha, I knew I remembered @Jamie_Larkins writing up a post somewhere:

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Awesome! Great post summarising the differences. I think I still want to try the v1! :stuck_out_tongue: Hoping I can track one down on the BTS. Thanks!