R.I.P. Dan Wheldon

Thoughts and prayers go out the family of Indycar driver Dan Wheldon who was killed in a race today at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Sad day for race fans!

That was really sad. I saw the video of what happened, and it was a horrendous crash. My condolences go to his family in their time of grieving. RIP

Very sad we lose another racecar driver. Despite all the efforts made to improve safety, stuff like this will always be a danger in the sport.

On the positive note, that despite the loss and sadness that follows, this death won’t just go down as an accident. It will be thoroughly investigated from many perspectives in order to try to find some sort of way to improve safety, which will somehow find its way back into consumer-grade vehicles or to road and barrier designs and save more lives. It’s not much of a comfort for his family though, whoi has my deepest sympathies and condolences.

Yeah, that’s what happend after Dale Earnhardt died! Nascar is so much safer now after that.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do with Indycar and F1.


He was a great driver…old school…larger than life personality…damn shame…that tracks was very unsafe for Indy cars….

Well just like yoyos evolve and improve, so do race cars from a variety of angles, with safety being a major issue. A lot of what happens is what we don’t see. Even so, no matter how much we try, there’s always that X-factor that is overlooked and it often takes a death to bring the matter to light. It doesn’t always, because all crashes are investigated in racing, but when nobody is seriously hurt, they often find the vehicle’s safety systems worked as they were supposed to. Even in more serious injuries, it’s often just due to the intensity of the crash rather than equipment failure.

No matter how much we work to make some things safer, there is a danger element in many sports.

While I don’t follow racing and am not a fan of it, I never want anyone getting seriously hurt in a racecar related crash. But, I did notice that the morons who want to race up and down the major road behind my house seemed to have been taking a break from it since Saturday.

Best I can hope is that we all learn from what happened and see where that leads. We do not move on, we move forward from accidents like this.